Thursday, June 11, 2009

A treasure at the curb

Howard found a coat rack at the curb and we picked it up for Big Blue. That is Howard above with our find.

I should have taken a picture of him carrying it down Delaware Avenue. Ha, ha! It was right after work with all these people around! But zut alors, I did not think of it. I was walking along thinking of, oh, I don't know, Leonard Pennario probably.

Today I am thinking of great things I own that are garbage-picked. There are a few!

My friend Diane gave me a set of Limoges dinner plates that her husband found in the garbage. They are beautiful!

My sister Katie gave me a set of Japanese dishes with gold around the edges and pictures of peacocks. They are garbage-picked! She also gave me an ancient doctor's book she found in a box by the curb. It is Volume 24, Diseases of the Liver.

I myself am not a hard-core garbage picker. I am too shy. Once in a while, though, you know how it goes, things come your way. Once on Richmond Avenue I garbage picked a big plant. It lived on for another 10 years in my apartment.

Still that could hardly be considered a big score. Howard, on the other hand, almost attained pro status with his find. Carrying his prize down Delaware Avenue for all the world to see.

My hat is off to him!

I think I'll hang it right on the rack.


Larry said...

Keep going and someday you may be able to have a yard sale of epic proportions? :) Just do not sell Pennario's shirt. Send that to me!

Ward said...

My wife once scored a dining room table and chairs on "Big Garbage Day" in Hamburg--then refinished it and gave to her sister for Christmas. There is no shame in garbage picking if one is shameless.

Art said...

Looking at the LP shirt Howard is wearing, I am sensing you found this hat rack during your street walking blog and have stretched your adventure into a second blog. Is there yet more to come -- like the blog about the bouquet you selected from the gardens you admired?

Mark Wozniak said...

In these ecologically challenging times, think of it as recycling! A few years ago, my wife picked up several garden paver stones at the curb, which made a nice pathway from our backyard deck to our shed. A big $$ savings, after looking at what building and garden centers charge for them.

Howard Goldman said...

Art, I'll bet you were the guy who noticed that Paul McCartney was too tall on the Abby Road album cover.

Art said...

So I'm right -- unless you admit to wearing the same shirt two days in a row.

Mary Kunz Goldman said...

Ward, I want to go to Big Garbage Day in Hamburg. I love just the sound of it! LarryC, you will have to come up to my yard sale!

Ward said...

Mary -- at Big Garbage Day in Hamburg you will see doctors' wives in their Volvo station wagons pull over to score some sweet piece. With no stigma whatever.

Becky said...

It's also referred to as "curb shopping" which makes some people stop and think a bit when you mention it.