Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Saying a mouthful

It is back to the ortho today with my crooked-toothed self. Well, my teeth are straightening out as you can see from this picture my friend Gary took of me talking to our friend Eddy in a Black Rock bar.

That is something I love saying: "When I was talking to our friend Eddy in a Black Rock bar."

Just as I love saying:

"When I was in California with Leonard Pennario..." I say this every chance I get!

"At our Delaware Avenue address..." People do not know that is Big Blue!

"My friend the French concert pianist..."

"When I was in the Van Cliburn...

...Competition." I like to put it that way, leaving out "amateur." I just said it yesterday downtown and I liked the feel of the words in my mouth.

"My agent." I have not signed on any dotted line but there is this agent whom I pretty much cold-called and talked into the idea of my book. He was moved by my passion for Pennario. I know that is what did it.

"My technical director." That is my friend Larry who comments frequently and whom I have not met or even talks to, but who helps me with computer stuff. Thank you, Larry! Because of him I get to talk big.


Talking about my agent, my technical director and my Delaware Avenue address, I am feeling better already! I think today I will go with pink braces.

I am in the pink!

1 comment:

Larry said...

It is great to hear about the agent! It gives me hope that this old body might survive to see the book that I so look forward to.

Oh yeah, the choppers are looking super! Beautiful! But pink ones? Well, I guess you [b]are[/b] a girl.