Saturday, May 2, 2009

A walk in the park

Howard and George and I walked the Ring today in Delaware Park. We stopped so I could paint the picture above.

George painted this picture of me painting.

Here is a song I love about walking in the park.

I actually made the park look better in my picture than it does in real life. Delaware Park is getting a little run down!

The ancient cute little brick border that once lined the path is slowly collapsing and as it crumbles it is being crudely patched by more asphalt.

There are sections where the path is bordered by a kind of trench because everything has collapsed.

Plus, what is with putting our big grubby municipal truck garage right in the middle of the park? I ask you.

Our flagship park, right.

Maybe in this picture it is not too bad.

But in reality it is different.

However. On the bright side we were discussing good things about Buffalo. It is worth having shoddy parks to put up with some of the amenities we do. For instance, our traffic. Here in Buffalo if we are stuck in traffic for two minutes, as Howard says, you are outraged and it throws off your whole day.

Last time George went to Toronto he wanted to go to that diner where Glenn Gould ...

... used to go eat at 4 a.m. I forget the name of the diner although I could tell you where Leonard Pennario ate, just ask me.

I used to eat with him, is how I know! Pennario was fun to eat with.

The place where Glenn Gould used to eat is Fran's. The name just came back to me. George went to Fran's at 4 in the afternoon and there was a long line out the door.

Imagine that in Buffalo! We do not get to be the size we are by having to wait long lines outside restaurants. No lines, no traffic, that is worth putting up with shoddy park paths and municipal garages, I do dare say.

Howard said that Buffalo should stop hoping that people will like us and trying to get them to move here.

He says that right now it is just right!


Larry said...

Buffalo does sound and look like a lovely place. All of that 'lake effect' snow you guys get there would be enough to interest me in living there. But, I am now too old to be relocating too much. How did Leonard like all that snow?

That is quite a nice job you did on the painting of Delaware Park. My, but you are a fast painter!

Mary Kunz Goldman said...

Larry, Leonard hated the snow and he used to tease me about living here!