Friday, May 1, 2009

My so-called yard

Here it is May 1. I cannot believe it! Herewith, a picture of our back yard.

It looks like "Doctor Zhivago"!

You know, that scene in "Zhivago" with Yuri and the daffodils.

What about the conductor Yuri Krasnapolsky? I interviewed him for my book on Leonard Pennario. Yuri Krasnapolsky is Russian nobility and his father knew Alexander Glazunov.

You can gauge how glamorous your life is by how many people you know named Yuri. My life is very glamorous because I know two. The other Yuri in my life is Yuri Hreshchyshyn. He is my Facebook friend! My friend Jane and I were supposed to meet Yuri Hreshchyshyn in person at the R&L Lounge last time we were there but we missed him by half an hour. There are often mix-ups when people named Yuri are involved. Look at "Doctor Zhivago." Look at the ending.

Look in your own back yard.

Yesterday, inspired by my purchase of pesticide for the apple tree, Howard got out and worked in the yard. It is wonderful that men and women are wired differently to enjoy different tasks. That is one thing that makes the, ahem, institution of marriage work. For instance Howard loves working with the chain saw while me, I would hate it. Here is Howard working with the chain saw.

Another shot.

Here is a shot that shows our beauteous garage.

How about a shot of vodka?

No, thank you! Too early in the day for me! Although to tell you the truth, I would rather drink then go work in the yard. That yard intimidates me!

Winter, with that blanket of white, is so beautiful and maintenance-free. Spring on my property reminds me of the trailer to "Doctor Zhivago" which I am watching now instead of working.

Listen to what the narrator says. "The epic of a glamorous age giving way to a new and violent order."

That line sure hits home!


Larry said...

Spring is so lovely. Is it not? It is a good thing you posted that second picture of Howard with the chainsaw for in the first one I thought, "Oh no! He is cutting the grass!" Silly me. Who ever heard of mowing the lawn with a chainsaw anyway?

Budd Bailey said...

If the Julie Christie of the Sixties is in your garden, you may get lots of company.

Larry said...

Note: I forgot to say that that picture makes me want to go and play 'Tiptoe Through The Tulips' bu Tiny Tim! hehe

Mary Kunz Goldman said...

Larry, you aren't even supposed to know about Tiny Tim. I picture you living this idyllic life listening to nothing but Leonard Pennario and the occasional Rene Leibowitz.. don't disillusion me!