Thursday, May 14, 2009

Poor Playboy

Fascinating things are in the Wall Street Journal if you read the fine print. For example the other day I read a story buried deep inside the paper that said that Playboy is going to be cutting costs. They are going to combine their July and August issues.

Who knew that Playboy's chief executive officer is named Jerome Kern?

I did not know that!

I could not find a picture of the Playboy Jerome Kern so I ran a picture up above of the real Jerome Kern instead.

In tribute to whom, here is the clip from "Show Boat" that Leonard Pennario and I used to love and talk about. Pennario loved Irene Dunne. He loved how she danced in this clip.

Now I have watched that scene twice. Wow, Hattie McDaniel lucked out in that movie, hooked up with handsome Paul Robeson.

"I even love him when his kisses got gin."

He flashes that great smile when she sings that.

Isn't this great? Where else would you find this? This is more pleasant to think about than our E.B. Green-designed Memorial Auditorium coming down ...

... that is for sure. That is a picture I took the other day. Who needs to look at that? I for one would rather look at Paul Robeson.

But back to Playboy. Now it seems quaint next to all the other stuff out there. The little story in the Wall Street Journal acknowledged that. "Playboy has seen its audience decline due to the proliferation of options for adult content." That is what the paper wrote.

What about "Penthouse Forum"?

Remember the readers we picked up from that? Ha, ha!

I am going to try that again. I am going to get "Playboy" right up there in today's headline so when people Google it, they will find us.

But poor Playboy. All they need now is us as part of the competition.


Ward said...

Mary -- go take another photo of the Aud. Neither of those stair towers exists today.

Larry said...

Playboy? What is 'Playboy'?

Thanks for the 'Show Boat'. Now I do not feel quite as old as I am!