Saturday, August 23, 2008

Classic hits

What, didn't people get the joke yesterday? Was everyone so distracted by the end of the hectic work week that there was no room in life left for silliness?

Howard and I were laughing so hard taking those pictures at the Buffalo Club that I could hardly hold the camera steady and he had trouble keeping a straight face for two seconds. Those guys looked like ghosts over his shoulder! For the first picture, Howard kept his glasses on and tried to adopt the same wary look as the man in the frame. For the second, he took the glasses off and tried to look jowly. Oh, well.

We had a good time, anyway!

The fun continues today. Not only is today the day I am judging pierogies at Corpus Christi, but I got a look at our hits counter. That is this nifty service that tells you who in the world is reading your blog.

Don't worry, no one knows who you are. And I do not get access to this information very often. But in the rare times I do, it is a kick!

Would you believe we have a reader in Jiddah, Makkah, Saudi Arabia? Welcome, Sheik of Araby! I would not imagine that listening to Leonard Pennario would be permitted under Sharia law. Are you allowed to listen to his really smoldering performances -- say, Scriabin's Nocturne for the Left Hand? Or do they draw the line at Mozart?

There also appears to be a Pennario fan in Hyderabad, Andrha Pradesh, India. Pennario did not enjoy his time in India, flying supplies over the Himalayas in World War II. But I am sure that as he monitors this blog through heavenly channels, he is happy that he has his fans there.

I have saved the best revelation for last.

We have gotten at least a half-dozen hits from people doing Google searches on -- I am laughing so hard I can hardly type -- "Penthouse Forum."

Can you believe that? These people type in "Penthouse Forum," looking for we do not want to know what, and they find themselves in the middle of a blog about Leonard Pennario, Buffalo, farmers' markets and the Tridentine Mass. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAA!

It happened because a few weeks ago I wrote that business about looking at the Buffalo skyline from Ruth Killeen's penthouse apartment. And I headlined it "Penthouse Forum."

Ha, ha! I will have to throw in other naughty phrases, see what other hits we can get. Ahem. Hustler! Screw! (As in Curtis Screw, the time-honored Buffalo business.) Busti Avenue! Dick Road!

We could find ourselves pulling in a whole new audience.

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Anonymous said...

Re your penultimate paragraph:

My Lord a'mercy; my smelling salts, please! What would your confessor think?