Saturday, April 25, 2009

Out of the frying pan...

It is rare that you cook something and it looks exactly the way it looks in the recipe picture. But that is what happened to me today!

Above observe the frittata I made after walking in the park.

Here is the picture of the frittata in Martha Stewart Everyday Food.

OK, my frittata is a little greener because I chopped up all these chives I found when I was walking in Delaware Park, and I threw them all in. But it was yummy!

Good with ketchup!

Isn't it kicky, the first summery Saturday? After walking in the park and making and eating my frittata I listened to Leonard Pennario playing the Liszt arrangement of the Schubert Serenade. Then I listened to his transcription of Johann Strauss's Emperor Waltz. I like it better in German: Kaiserwalzer.

What about Kaisertown?

Note to out-of-towners: Kaisertown is a section of Buffalo where you can go for really fattening fish fries. Real estate agents always refer to it as "in-demand Kaisertown."

Here is another picture of in-demand Kaisertown.

What about the Kaiser?

Everyone hates the Kaiser but I always kind of liked him. There is a subject to explore sometime: Figures in history you like for no particular reason, you just like them, there is a kind of chemistry there.

OK, I have to stop daydreaming and get back to the book.

As long as I am sitting inside on this 80-degree day working, I had better make every second count!

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Larry said...

Kudos on the Frittatas. Whatever that is or they are. It looks yummy and you have succeded in starving me this morning!

And what a cool looking little place Kaiserville is!