Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Me and my big mouth

Just now I was looking out at this beautiful bright day and there is a funny shadow on the neighbor's roof. What is that? I wondered.

It turns out it is the shadow of the smoke coming out of the chimney of the house next door!

That is the kind of thing I will miss when winter ends.

I will miss that snowy view out my window, pictured above. Also classic quotes like the one I just heard on the radio: a cheery voice announcing: "It's 11 degrees, feels like minus one." Ha, ha!

Everyone else is dying to see winter end. But I missed last winter when I was with Leonard Pennario and I will miss this winter, too, when it ends. I love the brightness of the snow and I love the quiet. You still get boom cars, because this is Buffalo where schuft behavior like that is encouraged. But you do not get endless games of Marco Polo coming from down the block. You do not get people yelling, "OMIGOD YOUR BUTT IS HANGING OUT!"

Remember that? I do not like to use the word butt in this blog but comes a time. It is therapeutic to remember incidents like that so we do not wish away half the year waiting for summer.

Also in summer I miss the cooking. I love to cook in winter and bake bread which I have already done this morning. I had that dough rising at 7 a.m.!

Food reminds me: I have big news.

This happened the other day. I was at Dash Market on Hertel buying something heavy or other in accordance with my winter eating ways. I was at the deli counter and I was yakking with the fish guy. You know how we Buffalonians are. We will talk!

And this woman next to me says, "Excuse me, have you ever heard of Laura Ingraham?"

Which, I love Laura Ingraham. Conservative, Catholic convert, what is not to love. Howard watches her and listens to her all the time. So I beam at this woman and I say sure, sure I have.

She says, "Your voice sounds just like her."

That delighted me! I said, "Thank you!" I said, "I love Laura Ingraham. She is so great!" It is not wise to express opinions like this in Buffalo but comes a time.

I got home and lost no time in putting this woman's opinion up as an endorsement on my blog. "Your voice sounds just like Laura Ingraham's." That is up permanently now, in the right-hand column with all the other endorsements.

There is only one thing better than being told that I sound just like Laura Ingraham.

I would like to be told I look like her!

No one has told me that yet.



Unknown said...

Mary, you are lucky to sound like Laura, she has a great voice. Now as far as looking like her, well I'll keep my own big mouth shut about that one. NO disrespect meant whatsoever of course!!!! There always could be the slightest resemblance though, depending on the lighting. I also see I was kind of behind in reading your posts; glad I got caught up.

Anonymous said...

When your braces come off, you'll be a step closer to looking like her. I'm just writing this because even though in real life I have the same name, I didn't write the first comment.