Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Life is beautiful

Remember my I-Pod? I tested its limits yesterday by taking it into the field. I went with it to Budwey's and Dollar General.

"But do you really want to be walking around in your own little world?" That is what everyone always asks.

The answer is, yes, I do!!

Floating through Budwey's with Mendelssohn in my ears, I thought: I love this! Sure, my shopping took longer than usual because I was in this happy haze and also I was not used to this I-Pod. But I am telling you, this is the way to go!

Screaming kids, swearing parents, blotted out!

I was even smiling at the checkout! Usually by then I have turned into a zoo animal.

Now, off to Dollar General. This was a bigger test. Dollar General is real schuft territory and I have to say, I had to crank the volume because it was a close contest, my songs by Manuel de Falla versus the hard rock that was just blasting at us out of this speaker by the paper towels. This is the Dollar General at Hertel and Colvin and it is unbelievable. It is like being at the Icon!

Ha, ha! Has anyone else ever gone looking on Google Images for pictures of Dollar General? It is fun! Here is a Dollar General in Blossburg, Pa.

And here is one in Muldraugh, Ky.

I forget where this one is but it is a dandy DG.

What about Deutsche Grammophon?

Look at Horowitz at home. Mr. Excitement!

Where was I?

Oh, right, Dollar General. Waiting in the long checkout line, another pleasure of shopping there, I got the biggest treat. It is funny, I still am not quite sure what is on my I-Pod. As I stood there, idly eying the Word Search books, the ear buds were briefly silent. What's next, I wondered.

And what should come on but the slow movement of Mozart's "Coronation" Concerto. Played by Leonard Pennario. Calm and transcendent. That is a word Pennario and I both loved, transcendent. We talked about that.

I don't know how my I-Pod knew enough to grab that up, and sure, I would have liked the first movement before the second, but so what. Click on that link and you can see what this music does. It is not played by Pennario there unfortunately but you still get the idea.

It transcends everything!

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Unknown said...

This kind of story just might get me to obtaining an I-Pod sooner than I might have expected.