Friday, October 31, 2008

The Boyfriend from the Black Lagoon

My computer is celebrating Hallowe'en by pretending to be a junker. I have been waiting and waiting to be able to post, all the while forced to listen to news about Barack Obama.

Barack Obama reminds me of a bad boyfriend I had. One bad boyfriend in particular. There was this one guy, I should never have picked up with him in the first place. I didn't even like him that much. I could have walked in the other direction. But no one better was around at the moment, and I didn't.

And the more I found out about this guy, the worse he got! More and more things kept surfacing about him that were, well, questionable. I even got an anonymous phone call once, trying to tell me something bad about him. And sure, maybe the caller was wrong, maybe you could justify this or that, maybe he was a good guy despite everything, etc., but the fact remains, it got to the point that I did not want to hear it. I did not want to know what was behind Door No. 3. Nothing I found out was adding up into anything remotely resembling sane. So finally I cut my losses and broke up with him.

That was when I went and called my college piano prof and resumed my piano lessons and entered the Van Cliburn Amateur Piano Competition. I thought the piano would keep me off the streets and out of trouble. I was right! It did!

Anyway. I think the Democrats should have broken up with Obama a long time ago. Just tell him, "Look, nothing is adding up." For heaven's sake. It just gets worse and worse!

Today being Hallowe'en reminds me that it was exactly a year ago today I left for California to get with Leonard Pennario, as a hipster would put it. A year ago this minute I was in the air, headed toward Newark. With this laptop. And no sleep. Wow, that was fun. It feels kind of good right now just to be sitting home in my pajamas, drinking coffee, with split pea soup simmering on the stove, but a year ago -- I will always remember how exciting that day was. Flying to California to be with a great concert pianist and sleep in an apartment where somebody died. Did I know how to celebrate All Hallow's Eve or what?

Today being Hallowe'en we will do what Howard promised and open the spooky, spooky door at Big Blue.

Check back later for what we find!

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Anonymous said...

If we don't hear from you ever again once you open the door, nice knowing you.

Good luck...