Thursday, September 4, 2008


Lastnight I could not wait to watch Sarah Palin's speech. Howard and I went to hear Jocko at the Hyatt but we left as soon as Jocko finished his last set because we wanted to be home in time to tune in. Howard said, "This could be historic."

I am excited about Palin. People around here are critical of her -- one complaint is that she and John McCain hardly know each other, that they just met, and here they are trying to make history together. And I know that sounds reckless. But I like that about her, about both of them. It is just like me and Leonard Pennario!

So lastnight, home from Jocko, I got into my pajamas in a hurry and I cleaned my teeth hastily with the Electric Water Irrigator, aka the Water Pik. I did this in between keeping an eye on Rudy Giuliani's speech. I get a kick out of Rudy Giuliani. That grin!

Then it was time for Palin's speech.

I slept through it!

I mean I did not hear a word of it! All I remember, and I remember this distinctly, was the prolonged applause and Palin nodding and saying, "Thank you. Thank you very much. Thank you. Thank you."

Then I was out, like a light! I vaguely remember waking briefly to hear Howard exulting about what a terrific speech it was, how great Palin was. But I was just dead to the world. It was not Sarah Palin's fault. It is Leonard Pennario's fault. I get up before dawn every day so I can work on this book. Those hours after 11 p.m. can get pretty foggy.

I cannot believe I slept through Palin's speech. It reminds me of the time I slept through Andre Watts playing MacDowell's Second Piano Concerto. (About that link: Make sure you watch the whole thing. The ending is classic.)

When I slept through Andre Watts, I luckily didn't have the music critic job I have now. I was not reviewing Mr. Watts or anything, fortunately. But I couldn't wait to hear him play that piece. I went to the concert, at Kleinhans Music Hall, with my mom. We settled into center seats, back row. There are no bad seats at Kleinhans, and the back row is great. You're up high, and you can see the whole hall, and you can lean your head against the wall.

Which is what I did. And I must have gotten too comfortable. Because I remember seeing Mr. Watts walking out and thinking: Andre Watts!! The MacDowell Second Piano Concerto!!

And then that is all I remember.

Out, like a light! And I had not even met Leonard Pennario yet.

What was my excuse then?


All Things Jennifer said...

This post makes me smile. I'm still behind on a few speeches from the DNC last week, but thank God for instant access of 2008.

Sarah Bear said...

I kept nodding off and on between Mike and Rudy. (Love his grin also). Then came on a historic moment -- Sarah Palin. She kept saying her thank you's I'm nodding again. I'm asking the audience to sit down and be quiet. Woman in Idaho is nodding off again. Remember the word "fight" eyes pop open. Thank goodness cause Sarah is one confident woman and gave a terrific speech.

Anonymous said...

I think this where I'm glad I work from 1-9:30pm and didn't make home in time to watch the speeches.