Saturday, August 2, 2008

Not another pretty face.

Wow, the blog is famous, ever since news broke yesterday of Ron Moss's City of Buffalo violation ticket. Moss, in case you are just checking in, yelled obscenities at an officer. This breaking story is being covered on the much-read blog of Buffalo Pundit as well as other news outlets throughout the area.

I should not be writing a book about Leonard Pennario. I should be writing about Ron Moss. Except it is a lot more fun to look at pictures of Leonard Pennario, I will say that.

Goodness, how I veer from topic. Back to Moss. We bring you an update: At a news conference today, Moss expressed his determination to fight the charges against him. We will put the word out when the date of trial is determined. Seats will go fast.

Here are things Moss says that are immortal.

1.) "Like a caged animal." Applies to how he feels when his wife won't let him leave the apartment.
2.) "Where can a white man get a sandwich in this one-horse town?" Uttered to a local when we were on a family junket to Davenport, Iowa.
3.) "Byron Brown!" This loud reference to our mayor is yelled in Metro buses.
4.) "Better than the wife." Tossed in the direction of females.
5.) "You're not too bad." Ditto.

I was going to do 10 but we will save the other five for another day. We can't shock all the newcomers who are being hooked today through Pundit's blog. We have to start them off easy.

And I thought the big news yesterday was going to be my new Water-Pik. It is the Steinway of Water-Piks. I am in love with this thing. You fill up this huge reservoir with water and .... oh, forget it.

Next to Moss, nothing is that interesting.


Anonymous said...

Is Ron Moss starting a trend? I heard the same obscenity on the street yesterday while I was delivering mail in Lockport. It was yelled by a (you might say) "blood brother in fashion sense" to a woman who was half a block away. He also threw in the familiar Saxon term for a female body part for lagniappe.

Still, it's all in the ear of the listener. There is a story that in the days when Liszt gave his piano classes in Weimar, the local police were fining all the young pianists living in town who were practicing with their windows open.

Anonymous said...

The best Mossism has to be:

"Peas and the corn, honey, peas and corn"

Also yelled at female passerbys we won't repeat what it refers to as I might lose my hot lunch