Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Comedy central

All this talk about the late George Carlin is well and good, but when all is said and done, jazz singer Peggy Farrell, and not Carlin, will emerge as the supreme comedian of our time.

Yesterday my friend Gary called Peggy to invite her over to his house. Peggy told him she was sorry, but she was out of town.

Gary asked where she was.

"I'm in Williamsville," Peggy said.

That is the truth. Gary couldn't believe it. "Uh, Peggy," he said. "Williamsville is not out of town? Williamsville is 10 minutes away?" Well, I don't know if he said that. I do not know how you would start reasoning out that situation.

Peggy is one of those West Siders displaced because of the falling livery stable, a subject we chewed on a couple of days ago. I think there could be something in the air over there. Maybe something in that crumbling brick.

Anyway, I will have to quiz Peggy about what she was thinking.

She gets back into town on Wednesday.


Anonymous said...

I can't stop laughing about this post! I remember telling a friend who lives downtown in those waterfront condos about a band she LOVES appearing at Sole in Williamsville on a Friday night. Friday night?! In the burbs!? (Look of disgust......) ALL THE WAY OUT THERE?! (At most a 15 minute drive from her house...) Mind you, she loves Mexican food, loves the band etc. So, she went to happy hour with friends that she doesnt like as well, listened to music she doesnt like as much, etc.......BUT she avoided leaving the zip code..............

Then, I was downtown last week at Tempo with some people that we dragged out of the burbs kicking and screaming. "Do you want to eat on the patio, its a lovely night?" "Down here, in the city?! OH MY GOD NO, we don't want to get shot!"

I laugh when I think of all the times I tried to drag my city friends to a great party in the burbs or my suburban friends downtown to hear some good music, eat some good food etc......FORTHELOVEOFGOD, we live in WNY; we can get almost anywhere in 20 minutes....people who live in big cities like NYC, Chicago, or LA would have a field day laughing at us over this.

It cracks me up.....I dont think we have to choose....WNY has a lot to offer if you look further than the corner of your street.....

Anonymous said...

Great post, Mary!

It reminds me of a former Central Terminal board member who refused to "drive all the way out there" to my office at M&T in Williamsville for a winter board meeting. My office building is exactly 10 minutes away from the terminal down the 33!

It always amazes me the number of people in this area who are so myopic in their visions. They miss SO much of what the area as a whole has to offer!