Sunday, June 22, 2008

Savoring the strange

This morning I found myself rejoicing in all the ways my life is not normal.

No. 1, I awoke to hear lions roaring. How many people in the world have that experience? I live near the zoo, is why I get to hear that. The first few days after I bought this house and moved in, I could not believe it.

No. 2, I got to start my Sunday singing medieval Latin chants. How many people get to do that? I can't begin to describe that Latin Mass I go to but it gets my week off to an unbelievable start. After that my week tends to head downhill pretty fast but at least I get this one beautiful hour and a quarter to feel all warm and cocooned before things start to go blooey.

No. 3: Downtown was full of basketball players. How surreal is that?

No. 4, on my way after church to meet my friend Jane for coffee, I passed the grain elevators. How many cities have a landscape like this to look at? Does anyone else besides me ever stop and just savor how weird those things look, reflected in the water? They should use them as a backdrop for "Batman."

No. 5, there is this drink that is to be had at Betty's, that restaurant on Virginia Street. It is called a Poinsettia and it is like a Mimosa, only with cranberry juice. I have decided I must make that part of my Sunday ritual along with the Tridentine Mass. They give it to you in this big round wine goblet.

No. 6, I got to go home and call Leonard Pennario. I like myself when I am on the phone with a great concert pianist. I like myself better in that situation than when I am bailing out my basement, collecting Howard's and my dirty coffee cups or swearing at National Grid's Web site because it won't let me log on to pay my colossal bill.

No. 7: Another good and not-normal thing: How many people can complain one day about how fat they are and the next get three (3) sympathetic messages, two from strangers, with support and suggestions? Thank you, Chris and Jennifer and Becky, for responding to my gripy post yesterday! Even though I cannot believe Chris has put on 25 pounds. Chris, you are surely fibbing. And on the Lord's day!

No. 8, this weather. It is not normal! Not according to what I have come to expect over the last week.

What is that weird bright thing in the sky?

Mayhap I should get out and exercise.


JS said...

I wish I lived in Parkside just to hear the lions roar in the morning!

So glad you're blogging. :)

And so glad to hear someone else has problems with the National Grid website. I swear to God it's supposed to be EASY AND CONVENIENT to pay bills online and I spend more time trying to figure out why the hell my password isn't working, I should just send the damn check.

Anonymous said...

many times the free things in life and the most simple are the most special. I lived in Niagara Falls for over five years and could hear the roar of the falls from my front porch. If only I appreciated it then. Now all I hear is traffic.