Saturday, June 21, 2008

Meet the Push-Up

Howard is on the Tim Russert Diet, and now that it is officially summer, I am joining him on it.

When Tim Russert died, Howard sat up and took notice, and decided that he better not keep on eating chips and chicken wings. I wonder how many other people are on the Tim Russert Diet. Anyway, Howard also wants to get more exercise, and I do too, so today we walked twice around the Ring at Delaware Park. They have a Ring Road in Vienna, too, does everyone know that? People in Vienna, like people in Buffalo, know a thing or two about eating too much.

At the Juicery at Delaware Park Howard actually ordered a fruit cup instead of chips. This is serious. But still, we are not so hell bent on our diets that we cannot stop in our walking and eat.

I am not sold on being skinny. I would like to look strong. But still. I was thinking today about how I can get more exercise and have fun. Once at the gym I tried a spinning class. It was like going into hell. This muscleman yelling at me, rock pounding. I am not cut out for that.

Here are some thoughts I have been having on exercise, egged on by Howard.

Maybe I will do hula hoops in the park. We saw people doing that today. Guys do it too.

Once I went to Darien Lakes and did that water park ride where you ride innertubes over waterfalls. The next day my abs really hurt. I got exercise and I never even knew it!

It would be fun to swim at the downtown microbeach where they tell you not to.

My mother gave me a jumprope that's too short and bugs me. But maybe I can get one that's long enough. On the other hand wouldn't I look like a jerk, jumping rope in my driveway? That is something to think about. Jumpropes are kind of like hula hoops. You feel better if you're in a group.

In my bar-going days which were not too long ago, it was fun to go to Nietzsche's when some world-beat band was playing there, like Burning Spear or the Outer Circle Orchestra. You'd hand over your $5, then wedge yourself into the crowded back room where it was something like 100 degrees, and dance for five hours. That sure burned calories. Of course you drank enough beer to make it back up.

I am not much for the pressures of tennis but it is fun to get on the tennis courts and just bop the ball around.

We are thinking of taking up badminton.

Look what Tim Russert has started us on.

Instead of "Meet the Press" on Sunday, it's "Meet the Bench Press"!


JS said...

Yep. I've had the same discussion with several friends as well...

Anonymous said... crack me up...but you are spot on...the Tim Russert diet...I quit smoking 09/07 and have put on like 25 lbs....I am struggling with cutting back..

Becky said...

On occasion bloggers talk about getting together for eat & drink, and sometimes actually do it, but...

What if everyone met up for Lasertron? That can be a workout if people get into it. I filled in as the 8th person at a birthday party once and liked it so much I went back a few more times with my kids.

Their food isn't too good, so that wouldn't be a temptation either.