Saturday, June 7, 2008

Low hanging fruit

MKG cultivating organic fruit and looking very non-Republican.

I am not a Democrat but I am finding all this Hillary/Barack business tremendously entertaining. There was one moment I especially loved, watching the two of them "debating" a couple of months ago. Hillary had just answered a question, sort of. Then she said, without pausing, "And any time you want to ask HIM the hard question before you ask me, that's fine with me. You always ask me the hard questions first."

She said something like that, anyway. For a second, I actually liked Hillary. I liked that she felt so free to bitch, to sound like someone's disgruntled coworker.

But these days, as the contest between HRC and BHO reaches its ugly denouement, one thing puzzles me. That is the way everyone is going on about what Hillary is going to be doing now that she will be out of the race.

What do they mean, what will she be doing?

Won't she just disappear, like John Kerry?

Remember John Kerry? I know, it's tough. But he just vanished. One day, he was everywhere, the next, he was nowhere. Al Gore would have disappeared, too, had not he discovered that second career making science fiction movies.

Speaking of science fiction reminds me of my garden. I have been working in it faithfully. I am like someone out of the Old Testament, pulling up bishop's weed. I found three rosebushes under the bishop's weed! And a sage plant, complete with purple flowers. And my thyme and oregano. I knew they were in there, somewhere!

My garden still looks like hell, don't get me wrong. I cannot walk out the door without being overwhelmed with shame. I tell myself: You cannot write the biography of a great concert pianist, work a full-time job and have a good-looking garden, too. But still I cringe.

On the bright side Howard is spraying the apple tree today! He is the keeper of the apple tree.

Perhaps we should save some of that tree spray for those politicians and see if they bear fruit.

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