Thursday, June 26, 2008

Fare in the air

I have to fly to California again today to continue my work on the authorized biography of concert pianist Leonard Pennario, and for once this time, I am going to pack food for the plane. Yesterday I baked bread so I can make decent sandwiches. How wacky is that? Here it is 4 a.m. and I have not finished packing and have gotten only three hours' sleep but all is not lost, I have my home-baked bread.

You have to be careful about food on planes. Not being an experienced flyer I took along yogurt last time. This was a few weeks ago, flying back from San Diego to Buffalo. All that yogurt was taken away from me! Four six-ounce containers! The injustice! Along with a couple of tubes of fancy toothpaste, two of the gems of my collection (see yesterday's blog). Because I look like such a terrorist.

And the woman -- it was a woman, naturally, who took the stuff away from me -- wouldn't even smile or return any of my friendly Buffalo remarks. Instead I got lectured. Smite them, O Lord!

I will buzz this blog later today from California, or from Cincinnati -- I think that is where I am changing planes -- when time permits.

Meanwhile, my plane leaves in two hours. I guess it's time I finished packing.

I'll start with the food. First things first!

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