Friday, May 30, 2008

Very candid camera

Yesterday Howard gave me a digital camera as a present. Now we are both targets of the paparazzi. Because we are the paparazzi.

Just now Howard snapped a picture of me sitting at my laptop in my bathrobe, with bedhead. It will probably turn up on my blog later today and I will be at the office so there will be not a darn thing I can do about it. But that's OK, I'll get him back. Lastnight I was video-ing him kvetching in the living room and he didn't even notice until I said, "I hope you are enjoying being on camera."

Oops, he just got me again!

Howard wants me to snap more pictures of Leonard Pennario in California this weekend, or sometime. This is hard to admit but the only picture I have of Leonard so far -- from the present day, I mean, from my visits -- is one of him and me in the hot tub together. I had Leonard's friend Mike take it. Mike was with us. I should mention that Mike wears the skimpiest swimming trunks in the world. Leonard and I laugh about that. We also laugh about how Mike wears short running shorts all the time, even when we go into nice restaurants. "California, Leonard," I whisper to him. "Mike is so California!" I love getting Leonard laughing. From the first phone conversation we ever had, back in October, it has been very easy to do.

Mike can see the humor too in what he wears. After we had changed our clothes after sitting in the hot tub he was carrying the wet trunks and he swatted me with them. Isn't it amazing how, even when you're doing something serious like writing a book about a great concert virtuoso, there are still so many ways in which your life resembles high school? But that's another matter for another day.

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