Monday, January 1, 2024

In With the New

Like the Roman god Janus who faces backward and forward, I like looking back on the year behind me. I like to think of highlights. 

That hike yesterday was one of them! It got in under the wire. 

Another highlight was a dinner last week with old friends, including one friend I had not seen in decades. So that makes two last-minute highlights.

And another late-breaking highlight: I got my first real Christmas tree in years. It is seven feet tall. That is it above!

My friend Cori helped me. We went to Home Depot and I know, we always want to go to cute little local places, however there is something to be said for simplicity. Home Depot goes and feeds your tree into a machine to bag it up and from there it goes into your car in a snap, no muss, no fuss. Well, I do not think I could have done it without Cori. But still.

Here is my tree being processed. This was on Dec. 10. My friend Cori is looking on critically making sure all the i's are dotted and t's are crossed. Cori is thorough. She is first generation German, mother from the Black Forest, father from Berlin. Nothing escapes her.

Cori also helped me to put twinkly lights up in the sunroom which are more prepossessing than the old redneck lights I had before.

Another highlight of the year has been Howard playing at the Hyatt every Friday. This continues from last year and continues this year as well. What reminded me was the Hyatt also upped its Christmas tree game this year. They have a tree that is world class. Pictures do not do it justice however this is my attempt.

Look at this. Here I was supposed to be remembering the highlights of my year and all I wind remembering are the highlights of the Christmas season. So far. 

It is not over yet!

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