Tuesday, May 2, 2023

Urban nature and the Seek app

 My adventures with the Seek app continue. Some are right in my own back yard!

A shrubbery by the door was identified by the app as European Holly.

The Seek app was slow to identify this one, and briefly flashed at me that it was Darwin's Barberry. I would have preferred that it was Darwin's Barberry however European Holly is OK too.

There is also Spearmint, coming up from when I planted it last year.

 I can see that Seek will be helpful in identifying the various kinds of mints I have. I forget what is what!

I took a picture of Howard's bananas on the kitchen counter and Seek identified them as Cavendish Bananas. It will be fun to see if other bananas are other varieties.

Jeoffry's catnip plant was swiftly identified as simply Catnip. A bonus: I see that Catnip and Spearmint both count toward one of the three challenges I am working on, the Urban Nature Challenge. So does the Common Motherwort ...


... which I observed Sunday at Tifft. 

That challenge calls for a mere four sightings, so I have only one to go.

What will it be??

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