Saturday, September 3, 2022

Kuchen in the kitchen

 I have been rediscovering my interest in baking for church coffee hour.

Out of the tree of life I have picked me a plum. Today I made a recipe from my Taste of Home Baking cookbook. I made Fresh Plum Kuchen!

This follows Peach Coffee Cake which I made last week. That is a picture from that adventure up above. The clutter shows how out of practice I was. However I am getting better!

The Fresh Plum Kuchen called for two cups of sliced plums. My brother George had brought us plums from Bailey Clinton. I took a bowl of them and sliced them. You always think you can slice them neatly however you cannot. There is this pit that has to be removed. The recipe writers never think about that. Here is a secret however: It does not matter. The plums get buried in the cake anyway.

They say: "Arrange them neatly over the cake" No need to bother!

The world slows down when you bake. Getting the pastry together always takes a little longer than you think it will and you have to go with that. It did feel so good today to butter the springform pan and pour the cake batter into it.

Then the plums scattered in the batter. I took my time trying to distribute them well.

Then I sprinkled white sugar over the top. That was my contribution to the recipe.

Then Howard and I were eating dinner so I had to set the timer on my phone to make sure the kuchen did not bake too long. We were out on the porch and all of a sudden I hear this jingling and goofy music and it was my phone. "What is that?" I wondered. Then I realized: Ah, the kuchen was done.

Being on Keto I have not sampled the cake. However it looks good, and it smells good. If something looks good and smells good you know what that means.

It is good!

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