Wednesday, May 11, 2022

Marie Kondo and Me

Today was a huge day in my life. I Feng-Shui-ed the office!

This is Howard's and my shared office/studio in the back of the house.

Here is a Before picture. Yikes!

And from another angle. Double Yikes!

I had not planned this project for today. It is 80 degrees and sunny and it made no sense to be working inside. However in a way housework goes more easily on a beautiful day. You do not feel so discouraged.

While I worked I got on YouTube and listened to the audio version of that book Marie Kondo wrote on decluttering. I had heard it before. It sort of goes off the cliff when she talks about your possessions having thoughts and feelings. However it beats a few other videos I tried. I do not want to be told that people are happier without any possessions, which is what one video started pushing. And I do not want to be blamed as an ugly American for having too much. With me it is not a matter of keeping up with the Joneses. It has never been. I do not even know what the Joneses have nor do I care.

At least Marie Kondo is calm and she has a sense of humor. I would laugh at what the book was saying as I worked. 

Jeoffry took a liking to the garbage bag.

I did not get everything done that I wanted to get done because other rooms in the house got involved, also I had to go to choir. However I got done what I needed to get done for today. And it will continue tomorrow. 

Here are the After pictures. 

Notice my old pole lamp from when I was a kid. I really enjoy that lamp.

It is not perfect, I am not saying that. You will see I did not get to the huge pile of books because I had to run to choir and before that get in a sketch. However tomorrow is another day.

But what I did get done was magic to me. See the sun on the floor? I could not believe walking barefoot across that hardwood floor -- I had forgotten I had hardwood floors because there was so much stuff in the way. And sure, they are not professionally refinished or anything, but they feel beautiful under your feet, these warm boards. I do not even know if I want them refinished. It is like my old Steinway. I love my 1905 Steinway as is. This floor is beautiful and it feels great.

I am looking forward to tomorrow. I am afraid I am going to waste another beautiful day but still.

This feels great!

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