Wednesday, July 7, 2021

Drawing Every Night


Every night I go out and draw something. Typically I get on my old made-in-USA Huffy Harvard Limited and just start pedaling aimlessly and see what I find.

You cannot overthink it or else you will not do it at all. That is what I have learned!

These days with school being out, I am doing a lot of aimless pedaling around the Canisius College and Medaille campuses. I draw this and that, great buildings and ridiculous buildings. Colleges are fascinating, you know? They are often a blend of beautiful old architecture and modern stuff.

Last night I drew the picture up above, of the old St. Vincent de Paul Church on the Canisius campus. It is now the Montante Center although I did not put the banners on the picture. I was afraid they would clutter it up too much.

There was a fountain handy across the street where I could sit.

For years, St. Vincent de Paul was where the city's only Latin Mass was held. My father tried to drag me once when I was a teenager. I mean, he did drag me. I do remember that. But I was oblivious.

As I was telling a friend, my dad certainly got the last laugh!

From looking in Leonard Pennario's diaries I saw that whenever he was in town giving a concert, he would go to Mass at St. Vincent de Paul, no doubt for the Latin Mass. Perhaps he was there when I was sitting there sulking! He was probably next to me in the pew. Who knows?

That is a word you cannot use too often, pew.

Anyway, a lot to think about, as I drew.

There always is!

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