Thursday, June 15, 2017

Paris Can Wait ... 'It's just my ears, you know?'

 There is this new movie "Paris Can Wait" that my colleague Jeff Simon reviewed. 

Jeff and I were discussing it in the office the other day and he told me the gist of it, this woman risking this kind of illicit affair, gadding around France with a seductive French friend of her husband's. And there are all these mouthwatering scenes of food.

I said, "Oh, no. I can't see it."

I said, "I can see a movie about an illicit affair without wanting to have one of my own. But when I see a movie about food..."

... It is not pretty!

But now I am changing my mind.

Because I have learned that the movie's leading lady, to use Leonard Pennario's term, has a problem with her ears and that is what sets the plot in motion.

"It's just my ears, you know?" she says in the trailer.

I just had a problem with my ears! I had to go to Immediate Care yesterday and get it taken care of.

Rashly I jumped into the pool at L.A. Fitness and I got water in my ear. It is something I am prone to. I was deaf!

Oddly enough Paris comes into the story at this point. One time I was afflicted with this was right before I was going to go to Paris. I had to go to Urgent Care and get my ear taken care of.  Otherwise Paris would have had to wait!

Anyway, yesterday morning, I went into Immediate Care. There is something almost nice about this ear thing. You are blissful in the waiting room! There was this gal right next to me yakking on her cell phone and I could hear her only in a faint blur. Instead of being annoyed I was happily practicing my brush lettering. It is a new hobby I have, and very portable. I took this picture. That is the instruction book at left and my attempts on the right.

It is thrilling, how the ear situation works out. A couple of nurses position themselves around your ear and point this kind of water gun into it. And one of them goes, "OK, ready?"

And then they blast you!

I started laughing and couldn't stop. It just felt so weird! Then it got uncomfortable but it was too funny really to feel pain.

Then they went, "We got it!"

They tried to get me to look at something but I waved them away.

"Gross!" I said.

I felt like a new person, though, I will tell you that. My ear had been getting stuffier and stuffier. I am prone to this condition in only one ear, I must point out. The other is fine.

Now I could hear again!

And so "Paris Can Wait" must not wait. I have to see it, on account of my ears.

"It's just my ears, you know?"

I know!!

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