Wednesday, April 5, 2017

94 Candles

It was Dorothy's birthday recently at St. Anthony's. She is 94.

Remember Dorothy? As in Driving Miss Dorothy? I am not driving Miss Dorothy at the moment. My friend Lizzie is driving Miss Dorothy because I am doing the baking for the coffee hour and because Lizzie is just a cool person.

As it happened Dorothy had two (2) birthday cakes. One for each of her 47 years which together makes 94. I made one covered in birthday sprinkles. I love making birthday cakes and the icing on the cake is when you get to use those rainbow sprinkles! Remember, I did that last year for Dorothy's birthday. This year Lizzie  stepped in and in addition to my cake made something fancier.  She made her famous carrot cake! To cakes are better than one! I am not complaining, I will tell you that right now.

Dorothy cannot claim, as Leonard Pennario could, to have been baptized at St. Anthony's. She is an immigrant! She remembers being a tiny girl and seeing the Statue of Liberty. That was literally 90 years ago.

Dorothy blew out the candles which means she will get her wish. I know that her wish must be wonderful.

I am getting back on my feet after not keeping up with this Web log so I will be sharing some memories going forward. Recent memories, not distant ones.

A closeup of my cake. Hey, with candles it looked really cool!

The Work in Progress.

What fun it is, baking a cake, you know?

Whose birthday is it next?

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