Tuesday, January 31, 2017

In the bleak midwinter

Technically the Christmas season lasts until Candlemas which is still a few days from now. That means you can still listen to Christmas music.

And it is apt!

I was looking over the photos I've taken over the last few weeks. Bleak, bleak, bleak!

But beautiful, you know?

I took the space age picture up above just today. That was this morning when I pulled into the parking lot at work! And here are a few others.

That was when I was in the car with my friend Sharon. We were working on a story for the Western New York 100 Things series in The Buffalo News.

I took this one in Delaware Park.

It is as if I have a black-and-white camera!

That was when I went ice skating, an event that proved newsworthy. It was part of our 100 Things series. I have been having the greatest time with that.

Back to black and white.

Oops, a little green got in there. How did that happen?

It never ends.

In the bleak midwinter!

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