Thursday, September 8, 2016

All-you-can-eat crab... apples

It is "What Possessed Me" Part Two.

I was stressed on account of a lot of work to do and so I went out an picked 50 pounds of crab apples.

Well, maybe not 50 pounds, but you get the idea. It is funny, growing up we had a crab apple tree in the back yard but we never ate any crab apples, not one. I think we thought you could not eat them. Now I know better.

There is this crab apple jam I wanted to make. I was shooting for six cups and it ends up I have 10 cups.

Those crab apples collect!

I was picking up crab apples lying on the ground but Howard was looking on and said to stop doing that. He said they might have worms in them or something. In every family you need someone who cautions you.

Otherwise who knows what might happen.

Anyway, I must needs make this jam but the nice thing is, the crab apples will keep till the weekend, when I do my Coffee Hour baking anyway. Perhaps I will be inspired. Imagine a Crab Apple Danish. A Crab Apple Pandowdy! It would be fun to make something very elegant with them. I will have to think.

Meanwhile, there are these 10,000 crab apples that need dealing with. Once again...

What possessed me?

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