Thursday, March 3, 2016

Flower power

Yesterday I was out on assignment with my friend Sharon who is a photographer for The Buffalo News. And we passed a booth where people were selling bouquets for Hospice.

Must buy!! Both of us picked one up.

That is an $8 not badly spent. All of us treat ourselves to flowers way too rarely if you ask me. Now you have a good excuse because it is for a good cause.

I went home and the first thing I did was put my bouquet in a yellow vase. I was all excited about it. Then I cleaned off the table around the vase. There is an Israeli folk story about that. A woman buys a beautiful vase and brings it home, and then the vase looks out of place on the messy table, so she cleans around it on the table where she placed it. Then the table looks out of place in the messy room, so she cleans up the room. Then the room looks out of place because it is clean and so -- well, this is the point at which I usually run out of gas, but the woman in the story, she cleans up the whole house. All because of that vase!

Jeoffry took time to smell the roses.

It makes me think of all the times I pass those flowers at Albrecht Discount and everyone else but me is buying them. I know those flowers are not for a cause, unless you consider Aldi a cause, which I do sometimes. But they are pretty and cheap and I do see a lot of people buying them, men and women alike.

It also makes me think that this summer I must work to cultivate my, ahem, cutting garden. Spring is beginning early this year, methinks. We will have extra time to plan and strategize and get an early start.

This will be a good and colorful year!

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