Sunday, March 13, 2016

Basket case

That chocolate zucchini cake for Dorothy's birthday was so gooey and good! I am not bragging. I am giving credit to the recipe.

I had a feeling it would be good. Remember when I made a chocolate zucchini cake for Howard's birthday? Fatal error! We were eating it for weeks. We put it in the fridge and every day it was as if no time had elapsed.

I think I am still working off that particular chocolate zucchini cake.

The one I just made, it uses two whole cups of zucchini, so come summer we will have to remember that. When you are surrounded by zucchini this cake is at your fingertips. SO GOOD. There it is up above occupying pride of place in the coffee hour buffet. Well, we took the picture before Mass. Later it had more competition.

The coffee hour continues to be great fun but I have to say, I do not know how the Blums did it for so long. They are the couple at St. Anthony's who did it for six years or something and I am in awe of them, I will tell you that right now. I am kneeling at Mass and all I am thinking about is did I set the Crock Pot on the right setting and what happened to those coffee cups I thought were there. The friends bringing the cups were late and I was up there in the choir loft singing the Kyrie and hyperventilating. Thinking: Did they forget we were losing the hour? No, I am the one who always forgets things like that, they always remember them. Where are they? Where are they???

Lord have mercy! Christ have mercy!

On the bright side we now have a coffee team. We have a bunch of people pitching in. My friend Lou made the coffee today and he also brought yummy banana bread. Bill and Margaret, the friends with the cups, did turn up. We were also aided by my beautiful niece and nephew Barbara and Georgie, photographed here in the quiet before the storm.

They contributed the Easter baskets visible on the table, so sweet of them. Kids can't help jumping the gun on Easter. That is all right by me. We sang happy birthday to Dorothy and it only took Dorothy two breaths to blow out the whole box full of candles.

People are already alerting me to more birthdays coming up. So that will mean more cakes in the future.

I am just getting started!

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