Thursday, December 10, 2015

A California Christmas

Christmas music I heard today included Kay Starr's "The Man With the Bag."

Cute song.

 I do not think they have written a good Christmas song since, well, around then. You hear these tortured rock Christmas songs and I just want to say, stuff it. In that stocking! I heard a few of those talent-less songs today, too. But this song was fun. Kay Starr's voice is so good and so is the blaring brass.

It is kind of fun because we are having California weather. You cannot fight it! You just have to pretend you are living in California. Where people are used to warm weather and make snowmen in the sand, pictured above, and know the name Leonard Pennario.

Yesterday I decided it was time to get back into maxi-dresses. Hey, why not? If it's in the 50s.

The one nice thing to think about is this is all time lopped off winter. Imagine if we can skate through Christmas without snow. You could gripe that you want a white Christmas but ain't nothing you can do about it ... and the payoff is, winter doesn't start until January. That is two months of winter, November and December, that we were missing. Meaning we lose two months of winter.

We will hardly have time to get sick of it before it ends! And that is not a bad present.

Our California Christmas! It'll make this December one we'll remember.

We now revisit the iconic tropical Aldi commercial.

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