Saturday, September 5, 2015

Oven lovin'

There is nothing as rewarding and triumphant as taking a night like tonight, when it is what? 90 degrees? --

And turning your oven on!

Not only that but I turned my oven on to 400 degrees. And roasted cauliflower. Ordinary mortals would have done the cauli in the pan, on the stovetop. But like Leonard Pennario I am no ordinary mortal and so into the oven it went.

I am making Sicilian pasta with cauliflower and olives and raisins. If they can eat that in the heat, I can too.

Before I made the cauliflower I made Blondies for the after-Mass coffee hour tomorrow. They are peanut butter and jelly Blondies! They called for a temperature of only 350 degrees. I had the smudged-up issue of Eating Well on the counter but you can find the recipe online too. I will report how they came out!

Meanwhile my friend Lizzie is also baking for the coffee hour. She is making zucchini bread. Here is a painting our friend Jan Vermeer hastily made of Lizzie at work on this torpid and sultry September night.

This will be one rocking and caloric coffee hour, is all I can say.

When the going gets tough, the tough turn on the oven.

Even when it is 90 degrees!

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