Friday, August 14, 2015

The danger of the Erie County Fair

This week I got to go to the Erie County Fair. My friend Ryan went with me and pointed out items of interest I might have otherwise overlooked. Such as the potato pictured above! It is part of Ryan's favorite fair category, Non-Traditional Vegetables.

Here is a snarl of carrots from that category. It is now my favorite too!

However there is a danger to the Erie County Fair and that is that you cannot get the songs from Rodgers and Hammerstein's "State Fair" out of your head.

Wow, that song makes me nostalgic! I remember watching the 1945 movie on TV with my family when I was little. Television, I should say. My father always called it television.

And there is this classic.

The whole movie is on YouTube. That will be dandy gym watching!

Meanwhile one more "State Fair," classic. This is one of those marvelous Richard Rodgers waltzes. Bernadette Peters sang it at Kleinhans Music Hall, I remember, with the Buffalo Philharmonic. I liked Bernadette Peters for recognizing the song's greatness.

Hahaha... I love when he is complimented on his singing and says, "I'm an old Glee Club boy."

All these memories, because of the Erie County Fair! And yes, I know you were wondering, the great pianist Leonard Pennario loved this musical. His tastes were a lot like my dad's, I would find myself thinking that. They were born in the same year and the same city so maybe that says something.

OK, somehow I have to buckle down and get work done today.

It won't easy!

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