Saturday, July 25, 2015

Step away from the market

What I went to the Clinton/Bailey Market (piously) to buy: Greens.

My only plants in the garden doing well are the Arugula and the Spinach Mustard. The beans were eaten by something. Chopped off. Chomped off, I suspect. Gone.

So I wanted greens to go with my spinach and arugula. But I should have known better going to the market. Because I bought:

Cherries ($5)

Peaches ($6)

Savoy cabbage ($3)

Green onions ($2). May I point out this is an enormous bunch of green onions. It is about two feet long!

Basil plants ($5)

Oh, dear. The list goes on.

Kale ($1.50)

Blueberries ($4)

Corn ($2)

Cucumbers ($1)

At this point this one girl called out to me, "You just can't stop, girlfriend!" It put me in such a good mood that I went and bought more peaches, what the heck.

There was no stopping me! And you know things are bad when it gets so that you know most of the farmers.

After the market I went to the gym to do the Fat Burner Elliptical while listening to Pennario playing Chopin Preludes. Here it is a sunny 80 degree day but the No. 1 item on my weekend bucket list is making black cherry ice cream.

Desperate times call for desperate measures!

Haha.. I took all these pictures of my market adventure but I have to go figure out how to get them out of my phone. When I try to do it all that comes up are the pictures from Howard's phone, zut alors. So I used one of his pictures up above. It is of me! Before my market adventure.

All right, enough Web logging.

Off to make that ice cream!

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