Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Ominous evening at the gym

Last night I had Parish Council meeting and so I stayed downtown after work. As long as I was downtown I worked in a class at the downtown L.A. Fitness. I keep wanting to say Buffalo Athletic Club because this is the stentorian building with the marble steps, where Leonard Pennario used to go. But now it is L.A. Fitness.

The class was called, I believed, Body Works. Something different, I thought.

That was for sure!

It was a lot like the old Body Sculpt classes you used to have. Only it seemed it was more work. You had to hop up and down risers, doing squats and lunges (words I hate) and lifting weights this way and that. There was a long sequence of exercises and we went through it three times, upping the number of reps (another word I hate) every time.

Luckily the teacher has a sense of humor, and got us through it. Plus, a camaraderie quickly built up in class because it was so much work. By the end of class we were all commiserating and talking.

And this one guy, his T-shirt soaked in sweat, said to me, "Wait till Thursday."

What's Thursday? I said. All I could think of was Thursday is when I am getting my piano tuned. But that is another story for another day.

He said, "That's when it hits you."

And a nearby woman chimed in and agreed. "You'll feel OK tomorrow," she told me. "But then Thursday it will be different."

Downstairs in the locker room I was combing my hair and trying to recover myself enough so I looked decent for parish council. And this other gal in the class came up and started talking about ... guess what?


She said that last Thursday she had a cold and stayed home from work. But the big reason she took that sick day was this class! "I was on the couch all day Thursday with a heating pad," she confessed.

Oh, no!!

Today, just as the one girl predicted, I am feeling OK. But now I am worried.

What will tomorrow be like?

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