Wednesday, March 25, 2015

A tights situation

This morning it was almost warm and I thought: I am going to ditch the black tights.

What a mistake that was!

I put on these spring stockings and a cute skirt and I was all ready to go to work. But first I had to go walk to the garage to pick up my car which had needed a brake job. So I set out in my pink spring stockings and my cute spring outfit.

Zut alors!

Things started out nice. It was warmer than it had been and I saw robins in the trees. But then it got cold and a drizzle began. Rain began. There was a kind of street guy who I saw hassling women and I had to go a little out of my way trying to steer clear of him. I had these heels on and I am click-clicking down the sidewalk. The walk was long.

By the time I got to the garage, I was cold! My feet were wet. I could not believe I had dressed like this. Whose idea was this? Spring clothes. Indeed.

So after I had paid for my brake job -- ouch! -- and reclamed my car, on the way to work I swung by my house again and changed into, you guessed it, tights.

It is like 1934 when the Pennario family moved to California.

It is cold!


Unknown said...

I love your attempt! I am back in the cuddle-duds myself at this point. Just let me know when the pools are opened and I will retire them for the season. Looks like it will be another Easter of frilly dresses covered by wool coats!

Mary Kunz Goldman said...

Suellen, I am back in the cuddle-duds too. (I love that word, cuddle-duds.) Black tights, wool scarves -- I totally say "Uncle." But even if we're in our wool coats, Easter is always joyous no matter what, you know? A holy Holy Week to you!