Monday, August 18, 2014

Weekend blowout

I got behind over the weekend because I got a flat tyre. I never tire of writing tyre, not tire! It cost me $5 to get it fixed.

When I was a kid we played Mille Bornes and Flat Tyre was "Creve."

We used to say it with a terrible inflection. Now that I look at it there seems to be a slash over the final "e." Crev-EH, might be the way to say it. Either way, that is a dandy picture of a tire blowing out, you know? A tyre I mean.

To fix a flat tire in Mille Bornes you needed a Spare Tire card. Or Puncture Proof ...

... which would protect you against all future flat tires. Tyres. That is actually a painting above. can you believe it? Yes, because of all the time I spent playing Mille Bornes!

They should do different versions of Mille Bornes for other situations in life. I should design one for writers and biographers. Having written reams about Leonard Pennario I could be the Milton Bradley of this game operation. There would be smooth sailing and you would get 75, 100 pages done. But then your opponent could stop you with things like, oh, Work Commitment. Or Birthday Party. Or, I don't know, Leaky Roof. Anything to get you off your game.

Then you get the Leonard Pennario card and there you go for another 100 pages. Only to be stopped again by another disaster card.

This is a good idea for a game, you know? All because of my flat tire.



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