Thursday, June 19, 2014

Stop the world

My life changed today. I got a new cell phone.

This new cell phone lets me listen to music. The old one was too outdated for that. Howard arranged for these new cell phones and I can hook up headphones to it and drown out the world. It is great!

I am not going for anything special. I just need something for when I am working. When I am not doing something else I am talking about on this Web log what I am doing is sitting working trying to pull my book together. And I have to admit, I get desperate sometimes. My neighbors are just loud. The people on one side blast hip-hop and whatever and then on the other side is this whiny radio that carries down the block.

Now I am set!

I downloaded the Spotify app. It demanded all this stuff I was uncomfortable with but what the heck, the Good Ship Privacy sailed a long time ago, you know? And I would hand over my first-born child at this point. Take him, Spotify, he's yours.

First thing I did when I was signed in was tap into "Intense Studying."

This was a playlist someone had put together and it was some light Chopin, some light Tchaikovsky piano music, some Philip Glass (Pennario would have kittens),  movie music like from "Lord of the Rings," some New Age stuff, whatever.  I didn't care what it was. I don't need anything great. Heck, I don't want anything great. I can't work to Pennario playing. It distracts me too much. I can't work to Schubert's "Great" C Major Symphony, or to Mozart piano concertos, or whatever. I want a kind of Muzak.

I hooked up my headphones and figured out the volume switch on my new phone. The thing flashed up some kind of warning about, "Should we go over the recommended volume? That can be dangerous because..."

Blah blah blah.

YES go over the recommended volume.

And when they hit me with obnoxious commercials who cares.

Anyway I got a lot of work done and I can tell things will be different from now on.

Thank you, Howard!

Thank you, new cell phone!!

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