Wednesday, February 19, 2014

The Predawn Biographer

The sunlight this morning feels good! I was up too early ...

working on my Pennario discography which is just about done, except for I am checking all kinds of things, footnoting all kinds of things, dotting my t's and crossing my i's.

Crossing my eyes, haha.

Can you tell it was an early morning for me?

Today was all about the Debussy Preludes. After a couple of hours of work verifying this and that and exploring this and that possibility (and the music world wonders why this book is taking me so long)  I allowed myself to get on Google and ask: How do you get through a day without much sleep?

It is amazing the questions you can ask Google and I get a kick out of that. All kinds of other people have invariably asked that question before you and the question pops up before you are even done typing it.

When it comes to answering this particular question, there is not much I have not heard of. They always tell you to drink plenty of water, which annoys me, I don't know why. There is just something about that "Drink plenty of water," that makes you just want to go, shut up.

And here is what else kills me. Almost every list of suggestions you find tells you to nap for 20 minutes.

To nap!? How? Where?

We have a ladies' cloakroom at work with a couple of couches. Sometimes you walk in and someone is asleep on one of them. But I could never do that. I would be way too self-conscious and would never be able to drop off. Plus I do not like walking in and finding someone asleep there. Here you are just trying to hang up your coat and change out of your boots, and you are tiptoeing around feeling like this intruder.

And the cloakroom is a better option than is enjoyed by most people who work in offices.

I guess you could fall asleep at your desk  ...

... but why not just wear a sandwich board announcing that the wheels have come off your life, you know?

End result, as we say here in Buffalo: No nap and will these people please quit suggesting it to us.

Wow, I have suddenly realized something! I have a suggestion of my own to add something that actually works.


I have been sitting here complaining and I realize that all of a sudden I feel awake and alive.

That is the secret!

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