Wednesday, February 26, 2014

The darkness before dawn

Lately I am used to getting up early for Pennario-related reasons. But today I had to get up extra early, for office-related reasons.

I have to be somewhere at 6:15! And it is a big long drive. So what am I doing, doodling around on the Web log? Well, I just had to observe that the world looks kind of different when you get up at, ahem, 4:30. On purpose.

I turned on the radio and they were still doing that overnight George Nori talk show where people call in and talk about UFOs. One guy was the author of book called "Ghost Rockets."

That was a weird feeling, listening to that!

There was a commercial for mattresses. They must figure no one is up at quarter to 5 on purpose.

And there is one more thing. At least when I get into the car in a few minutes to get where I am going I will not have to worry about traffic.

No one else is up.

It is only me!

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