Monday, November 11, 2013

Confessions of a Kraut

Now that I am slicing and dicing with my newly sharpened knives I have a new favorite food.

Chinese cabbage!

Also called Napa cabbage. That is it, pictured magnificently above. Tonight after going to the gym and buying square Christmas records at Goodwill, what I did was, I chopped up a pan full and put it in a 400 degree oven coated lightly with a little canola oil and kosher salt. It cooked up amazingly.

This came from the Clinton-Bailey Market on Saturday, as if you had to ask.

What didn't I buy at the market!

Holy cannoli, I bought three cabbages. There is the Napa cabbage and this huge Savoy cabbage ...

... and a red cabbage.


Not for nothing do they call me a Kraut! 

I also bought a huge bunch of red peppers and three green peppers and two gallons of cider and some miniature watermelon and I forget what else. We ate one of these Personal Watermelon tonight. And a half bushel of apples. And two cauliflowers. I am hopeless at the market. Hopeless.

Then I went home and worked on the book on Leonard Pennario and left my purchases sitting in plastic bags in the kitchen. Only later did I go downstairs and look at it.

This Napa cabbage, I am not kidding! I am going to work my way through these Napa cabbage recipes.

Cabbage is delicious and you can do a million things with it. As one chef pointed out, you do not even have to wash it, just cut it up and you are set. Not only that but as I am eating it I have lost two pounds.

It is the miracle food!

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