Saturday, October 12, 2013

Fun in the sun

It is 75 degrees and the birds are making a racket!

I hear chirps, twitters, big long squawks. It sounds sometimes as if a big squeaky wheel is rolling past.

Then one came over and began knocking against the window! This white bird with kind of gray on its head. I didn't know what it was. I was afraid there was a mouse thrashing around all Howard's office stuff. But no, it was this bird.

All day I have felt blessed with this silence. I am trying to fill out the details on this Pennario discography I am working away at. Sometimes it gets confusing, particularly when you have been at it for hours. I know I should not binge on this but when else am I going to do it, you know? And I enjoy it so much.

But he made so darned many records! And they are run together sometimes, by which I mean he will start one album one day, finish it up and start another, things like that.

At one point I got so mixed up between "Pennario Plays" ...

... and "Piano Portraits" ...

... that I actually said out loud: "I'm so confused!"

Then I had to sit down with some markers and crayons and figure things out. My friend Tracy and I were just talking about how crayons calm us. It is not just that the different colors help you stay organized. It is the feel of the crayons in your hand and the waxy aroma they have.

End result, as we say here in Buffalo, I got "Pennario Plays" and "Piano Portraits" sorted out. What a feeling, as they said in Flashdance!

The birds are rejoicing with me, hence the racket.

I hope everyone is enjoying this beautiful day as much as I am!

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