Saturday, August 31, 2013

Party around the piano

We observe the Octave of Howard's Birthday. 

In the Catholic Church you observe the Octave of important feast days. There are only a handful such as Christmas and Pentecost and Easter. The Octave is eight days from Sunday to Sunday. You are just supposed to sit and contemplate.

And so it is with Howard's birthday only it is more about excess than contemplation. That is Mari McNeil singing up above and Guy Boleri, great cabaret pianist and Leonard Pennario fan, at the piano. Guy Boleri said that Pennario's recording of Gershwin's Concerto in F changed his life. 

In the background are Buffalo Broadcasting Hall of Fame member Doris Jones in a red dress and Jackie Jocko in a tux.

With Guy Boleri in the saddle we went through all the songs from "Oklahoma!" That is when you know you have achieved momentum, when the piano is surrounded by people with drinks in their hands bellowing Rodgers and Hammerstein songs. And Guy prompts us with the lyrics.

"And the waving wheat!"

"But a little brown maverick!"

"Don't start collecting things!"

He is amazing. He is like someone who would be at a Hollywood party! There was another night when he led another bawling crowd through "The Music Man." So much fun.

I wish I could stay up but I have a lot of work to do tomorrow.

I will go to sleep with Rodgers and Hammerstein running through my head!

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mariajz1 said...

All I can say is "WOW!" I would have been smiling from ear to ear should I, would I, could I..have been there. Wishing you all the best! Love your blogs and posts!