Monday, March 18, 2013

Vegging out

Last weekend I went to the Clinton-Bailey Market for the first time this year. I took that accomplished picture up above.

Guess what I bought!?

1. Apples. I was supposed to buy Deer Apples but they were out and so I bought Human Apples. They are last year's apples, obviously, but they are big and beautiful.

2. Parsnips. I've never had them!

3. Carrots. With the parsnips.

4. Green cabbage.

5. Savoy cabbage.

6. Red cabbage.

(What can you say, I'm a kraut.)

7. 10-pound bag of onions cause I hate running out.

8. Wildflower honey. I selected it while listening to Elaine, the honey woman, telling me about her trip to Hawai'i. She climbed a volcano! Imagine that.

That might have been it for my haul. Tomorrow I will weigh in about it if it is not. I have already eaten half the cabbage. I made Two-Cabbage Salad with clementines out of my Monastery Cookbook and an Asian cabbage salad.

It is great to be back at the Clinton-Bailey Market.

When it is a little warmer, and they carry Leonard Pennario records, it will be perfect!

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