Saturday, February 9, 2013

See and ski

The snow continues pretty!

My brother George and I went skiing in Delaware Park. This has been a lucky winter for me with skiing. I have been out about a half a dozen times anyway.

For a long time we skied and talked and I took no pictures. But then it could not be helped. I had to stop and take off my mittens and capture the day.

Above is the bison encampment at the Buffalo Zoological Gardens. I love that picture because I imagine the zoo looks in it as it did long before I, or Pennario for that matter, was born. I would like to make that photograph into a card.

Naturally the bison ...

.... waited until I was through taking pictures, had my mittens back on and was back skiing again before he decided to amble into view.

Other photos..

(That is George up ahead on the path...)

I am just now noticing the pink tint to the sky.

A beautiful afternoon skiing!

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