Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Evening in Russia

Last night I sat around for a while watching "Doctor Zhivago" with my mom. All of a sudden I am seeing all these movies. I have not watched so many movies since my days with Leonard Pennario!

It was a great night to see "Doctor Zhivago" seeing that we are under this deep freeze.

I like "Zhivago."  I have the vinyl record. There are tons of copies kicking around Goodwill and garage sales so it must have been a massive seller back in the day.

I love how Julie Christie has 1960s makeup. Also, how Lara shoots that mean Mr. Kamarovsky.

But the character I really admire is Tanya, the Geraldine Chaplin character. Speaking of it being Geraldine Chaplin, it is kind of distracting how she looks like her father.

She is the nicest person in the movie. She is positive and humorous even under the worst circumstances, when the Russian Revolution has hit and they are on this terribly crowded train with her old father in tow, going to Siberia, I mean, God knows where. Things are bad!

And she still keeps smiling and joking and looking out for everyone and keeping everyone's spirits up.

She is calm in the cold.

Then she gets cheated on and she is still sweet and cheerful. No one like that should be cheated on but such is the world in which we live. Zhivago should not have written the Lara poems, you know? He should have written the Tanya poems. She is the superior woman!

And she dresses well, too.

I should put together an outfit like that and wear it to work tomorrow.

We should take advantage of this cold snap!

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