Thursday, May 31, 2012

The princess of the keyboard

Yikes, it has been a week since I wrote on this Web log! I have however been writing on the other Web log so I am not a complete loser. But this one means so much to me. I am going to have to catch up and fill in the blanks and then go forward without pause.

A Web log is like a toccata. You have to keep your fingers moving.

Type, type, type!

Which I am good at. In my day I was the pride of Kelly Girl! I was what they called a "speed typist."

The company featured me personally in its ad.

Haha... guess where I found that ad? On the UB Web site. In a story blaming temping for all kinds of socioeconomic ills.

Which is a pile of bull. Let me tell you, a lot of us would never have found jobs were it not for Kelly Girl. Everyone wanted to hire me permanently! My friends had the same experience. This was in the Reagan era. We were constantly getting job offers. If you could spell and you showed up looking halfway decent and on time, that was the secret.

If you were dumb it was a different story. There was this other agency called Ablest. Once when my roommate at the time, Anne, was temping at a bank, another girl at the bank was asked by the boss which agency she was from.

She said: "Um.... A-BLEST?"

She was not hired!!

Thinking back on those days I grow proud of my past. This is funny, now that I think about it: Typing is a skill that grows ever more important in the computer age. That keyboard is the same!

Arise, go forth and type!

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