Thursday, February 2, 2012

The picture of protest

With the eviction of Occupy Buffalo last night from Niagara Square, the big question is:

What happened to the picture of Ron Moss?

Ron Moss, as followers of this Web log will know, is Howard's cousin who ran for mayor that time.

We have heard from reliable sources that there was a picture of Ron Moss on site, by the port-o-potties. It has been spotted by multiple people and Moss himself knew about it.

It is funny to think of all this drama going on in Niagara Square in the middle of the night as I sat burning the midnight oil, going over Leonard Pennario's concerts in the year 1958.

I wonder what picture it was.


Or this?

I cannot wait to find out. And I think we will!

Howard and I are laughing that when all the debris is cleared, the picture of Moss will be the only thing left.

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