Friday, November 4, 2011

To your health

Zut alors, Howard's cold came back! It blew in out of nowhere.

We were at the Statler standing by the koi fountain and that is when it came back.

The exciting thing about someone getting a cold is you get to make a hot toddy. I was going to make Howard a hot toddy but he seems to think things are hopeless. He drank some hot cider and that was all he wanted.

Darn. I found this link to a hot toddy recipe.

Epicurious has this recipe.

Once not too long ago my mother had a cold and I made her a hot toddy and it cured her almost instantly. She slept like a log the whole night and woke the next morning and was well.

Had Leonard Pennario had a cold when I was with him I would have made him a hot toddy. As they say in "Dr. Zhivago," it's a gift. I am good at things like this.

Hahahaa! There is this recipe I just found. Everyone is praising it in the comments. Someone writes: "This drink tastes terrible but it made me feel much better."

Then this killjoy writes:

we haven't made this drink yet, and we're not sick (at least not in *that* way), so we were wondering what the hell you're all doing, just using colds as an excuse to get drunk? geez, you're all like, my nose is dry, pass the whiskey.



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