Friday, September 9, 2011


Yesterday I finally, after a week away from it, got to go to Zumba.

What a relief that was!

You do not realize how much you need exercise until you have to go without it.

This week was a mess. There was Howard's birthday and then there was Labor Day weekend. Over Labor Day weekend the gym I go to, the Buffalo Athletic Club, saw fit to scramble all their schedules and move all their classes around. There were virtually no Zumba classes on the holiday itself and on Sunday it got moved to when I was at Mass.

Plus when I am not in the office, when I have a day when I can stay home, I like to concentrate on Leonard Pennario because I feel, better to exercise after work when I am not good for anything else anyway. So I did a lot of work on the discography for my book. That is a lot of work because Pennario made a lot of records!

Anyway. However lofty my motives a week without Zumba turned out to be a disaster. The biggest problem was, I stopped sleeping. I would wake up and not be able to go back to sleep. I was late for work a couple of times. Heinous!

Yesterday, problem solved.

You do Zumba, you sleep!

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