Friday, August 5, 2011

Mom food

Tonight I took my mom to Brennan's Bowery Bar, the uncompromising facade of which is pictured above. It has become our Friday night hangout.

Brennan's has what I think of as Mom Food: a great beer-battered fish fry, good cole slaw, good portions. They have lots of fish and vegetarian specials on Fridays, not that my mother would eat vegetarian but I do frequently. My mom and I both do the old Catholic thing of not eating meat on Fridays.

Also they have my mom's favorite beer which is ...

... Blue Moon. They have it on draft! That is a big plus. Blue Moon is a Belgian beer and they serve it with an orange slice. I have to say my mom is converting me to it. It is delicious.

They have this patio at Brennan's that looks out over Bed, Bath and Beyond and Barnes and Noble and a huge parking lot. And this is funny. Next door is this hoity-toity Ristorante Something Or Other, with a patio with a few tables and white linen tablecloths. And it is mostly empty. They must look over at Brennan's with its huge and noisy crowds and it must drive them crazy.

I was sort of smiling thinking of how taking my mom somewhere is beginning to remind me of going somewhere with Pennario. All I want is for the logistics to work out. I do not care about myself.  If my mother's food is great, that's all that matters. If my mom is happy, I am happy. As Howard puts it when I told him about it, all that matters is that the plane is flying smoothly.

Today they put us at this table on the patio that, my mom liked it, and that was all that mattered. My mom got the view over the parking lot. I got a view of an ugly serving station with a box of napkins. Who cares? Not I. I could not care less. If she is fine with the parking lot, I am fine with the serving station.

Successful Friday night, is all I care about!

Tonight I chalk up a victory.

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